We make solar simple.

Safari Energy is the solar partner of choice for commercial and industrial customers, real estate owners, public sector organizations and solar developers seeking competitive financial solutions for their projects.

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We make solar simple.

Safari Energy is the solar partner of choice for commercial and industrial customers, real estate owners, public sector organizations and solar developers seeking competitive financial solutions for their projects.




We build the project, you own it.

We provide customized, turnkey solar project development, construction, O&M and asset management services across multiple markets in the U.S., including commercial & industrial, public sector, utilities, REITs & landowners among others.


We own it; you get discounted power.

We install a PV solar system on your property, where we own the system and no upfront capital is required from you. We then sell you solar power at a discount to your current electric rate through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). 


We provide capital at any stage of development.

We buy solar projects from developers from early development through operational stages. We deploy project capital quickly and efficiently in the process, helping project developers recycle their capital in their core development activities.

Park Meadows, Colorado

Schenectady, New York

Groundmounted solar project - Safari Energy

Grafton, OH

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“At Extra Space, we are committed to sustainability. Solar is a key piece of our sustainability initiatives, and we’re glad to work with great partners like Safari Energy.”

Joe Margolis, CEO

Extra Space Storage

“I’ve been impressed with the Safari team’s ability to deliver solar solutions that produce attractive returns, on time and on budget. Safari Energy has been incredibly supportive in helping Simon navigate the world of solar development.”

Mona Benisi, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability

Simon Property Group

Brass Mill Center, Waterbury Connecticut

This multi-faceted solar project was developed by Safari Energy and features solar arrays on the rooftop, atop a parking structure and in the parking lot. 

Annually, the 4+ MW project will generate electricity equivalent to the energy used by more than 2,200 homes.

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Solar Panels - Green Jobs
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The Village of Grafton in northeastern Ohio is benefiting from up to 280 GWh of solar electricity produced during the 5.76 MW system’s lifetime. Project funding was provided by Safari Energy.

Read more about this project here.


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This dominant shopping and dining destination in Short Hills, New Jersey features a 3 MW solar parking deck and an additional 408 kW of solar panels on the roof. Get an on-the-ground view of these solar parking canopies or read more about the project here.


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One of the largest mall’s in America also features one of Hawaii’s largest rooftop and parking solar systems as well. Honolulu’s Ala Moana Center now features more than 4 MW of solar power, and featured the unique challenge of lifting the system inverter onto the roof via helicopter.


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Buckland Hills Mall near Hartford, Connecticut features a multi-faceted solar power system totaling 1.8 MW across the mall’s roofs and parking lots, providing shade, rain protection and, most importantly, electricity to power the mall.

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We’ll evaluate your real estate portfolio to determine how solar can have the greatest impact.

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C&I properties are great candidates for solar for many reasons. 

First, they tend to use a lot of energy and have high electricity bills. By using solar, much of this can be offset.

C&I property owners also tend to have large, unobstructed roofs, where solar panels can be easily installed without impacting aesthetics or sight-lines.

While roofs lend themselves to the most straightforward installations, C&I property owners also tend to also own large parking lots and structures. While those solar projects require additional permitting and analysis, they can provide benefits such as shaded parking, easier snow removal and safer lighting installations.

The first step is analyzing the property portfolio, energy use profile and utility bills to identify where solar projects will work best.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation analysis.

Safari Energy is a reliable, long-term partner, capable of providing fast and flexible funding solutions for solar developers through COD (commercial operation date).

We have partnered with solar developers to provide funding for dozens of solar projects, with hundreds of millions of dollars of projects contracted or under LoI.

We regularly assess portfolios with hundreds of solar assets, giving us the experience to move quickly and efficiently through the review process.


Learn more about partnering with Safari Energy.

Whether you own or lease your space, Safari Energy can work with you to determine the feasibility of implementing a solar project.

If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch, and we can guide you through the process.

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You either don’t have control of your roof or perhaps don’t have the resources to build a solar project, but you do see the value.

We regularly work with our clients to develop solar projects that are owned by their landlord or Safari Energy, selling discounted power to the tenants.

This is a common arrangement called a PPA (power purchase agreements) that offers a predictable discount to utility electricity rates.

Get in touch today to learn more about PPAs.

Solar power is an attractive option to review for communities looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment and save money.

Through shared solar systems and combined billing, we’ve worked with towns, villages, schools and universities to generate financial savings, jobs and reduced environmental impact.

As a long-term partner for the communities where we have projects, we also support local initiatives and provide educational programming for the next generation.

Learn more about solar for municipalities and schools.

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