Video: Supporting the sustainable energy future

It’s National Engineers Week, so we asked our solar engineering team to share how they’re contributing to the sustainable energy future.

We’re thankful for everything this diverse team does to keep us at the cutting edge of the industry!

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At Safari Energy, our solar engineers:
  • Build Big Data frameworks to predict how our solar assets will perform
  • Respond to problems with a sense of urgency
  • Use actual climate conditions to drive our evaluation of renewables impact
  • Use performance metrics to make sure we are always striving to 100% output
  • Use multiple means to optimize our designs
  • Ensure our teams have the tools to respond faster to maximize production
  • Leverage advanced communications tools to make sure construction is optimized
  • Always pushing for both speed and accuracy in our estimates
  • Leverage advancements in communication to track multiple issues simultaneously
  • Utilize coding and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate many manual functions