Do you think the solar industry is low tech?

Solar energy is often thought of as a high-tech industry. 

But when you look beyond the equipment, many solar companies lag when it comes to using technology throughout the rest of their business processes.
Hear from Safari Energy’s AIDA (Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics) team on what the solar industry needs to do to truly become high-tech:

Why should companies embrace tech in solar?

For starters, back-office technology enables quicker go-to-market. These technologies enable us to do everything faster while ensuring greater accuracy over the millions of variables that stem from solar installation projects.

The next decade will decide who emerges as the leading solar companies of the future. With artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, we can make smarter bets on emerging industries and locations.

Ultimately, harnessing this technology increases efficiency and creates real cost savings, which we then pass onto our customers. It allows us to remain a favored provider for today’s leading organizations.

Learn more about our approach and the cutting edge tools we’re deploying here.