Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the solar industry are not simply a hiring problem, but also an issue of education, access, political voice, environmental impact, community protection, and sustainability.

We strive to achieve the highest level of success by attracting the brightest individuals from all cultural backgrounds and by investing in the under-resourced and minority communities in which we work.

DEI at Safari Energy

Safari Energy is people-powered, and we recognize that our differences make us stronger. Diversity, equity and inclusion are core tenets of our daily work.

Safari Energy DEI Statement

We view DEI as a strategic imperative that enhances our customer insight and fuels innovation and growth. We reward performance, enable professional development, and encourage employee engagement while developing a culture of belonging, empowerment, and empathy. We are dedicated to making long-lasting impact in our workplaces and communities.
Commitment 1
Attract, develop and retain a high-performing, diverse workforce.
Commitment 2
Increase diverse representation in leadership roles, with a focus on females and minorities.
Commitment 3
Maintain a workplace culture of equity and inclusion.
Commitment 4
Foster partnerships that support the growth and vitality of the diverse communities and customers we serve.
Commitment 5
Develop and sustain relationships with diverse suppliers, vendors and service providers.


Safari Energy is a proud member of the Renewables Forward initiative, which was formed in the wake of the unnecessary death of George Floyd and the many others who have preceded him and the Black Lives Matter movement.

We are actively involved in the CEO-led group, which is focused on several practical initiatives to increase diversity and inclusion within our companies and the industry.

At Safari Energy, it’s our differences that make us stronger, and we believe through our commitment to the Renewables Forward initiative, we will strengthen the principles of equal opportunity in the solar industry. The tragic death of George Floyd enraged and deeply saddened many of us, but the ensuing discussions ignited our determination to actively foster a diverse and inclusive community, and we are thankful for the positive outlet that this initiative has provided.

HR Collective DEI Playbook

Safari Energy is also part of the Renewables Forward HR Collective. This group meets regularly to discuss how the industry can better address DEI and they develop practical resources. 
One outcome of this group’s initiatives is the two-part DEI Playbook, which offers clean energy companies an actionable handbook to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizations. Whether you’re new to diversity and inclusion practices or you’re an HR executive looking to integrate more DEI into your day to day, the goal is to inspire leaders to take action with this downloadable series.