Solar for ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) linked investments continue to surge in both size and influence.

Having quantifiable green goals is paramount for companies to develop ESG as a core competency and a source of differentiation. However, often ESG solutions are complicated, requiring extensive evaluation and dedicated resources.

Solar can be a timely and profitable solution.

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Safari Energy shared with Commercial Observer how solar energy can help businesses solve ESG challenges and address the SEC's proposed ESG disclosure rules:

Solar provides a simple, proven and impactful solution that helps companies satisfy both their ESG goals and stakeholders:



Many ESG solutions require minimal effort to implement but offer little impact. However, solar can quickly and measurably increase a company’s use of renewable energy. This is particularly effective for demonstrating a company’s commitment to sustainability.


Solar power can drive cost reductions, earn tax credits, generate income, provide strong cash yields and deliver predictable returns. Moreover, projects typically realize leveraged returns in the double digits.


We provide trusted counsel, partnering with our clients to implement solar projects. We act as a “solar back office,” handling all aspects, including: strategic portfolio evaluation, financial modeling, permit and incentive applications, design engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance.

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