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Blog Post

Understanding Which Solar Financing Structure Fits Best For Your Business

Learn why solar is a good investment and how to think through the financial decision-making process.


Video: Solar Financing Deal Structures

There are many ways to structure a solar deal. This four-part video series dives into the details of four of the primary deal types used to finance solar projects.


How does a solar deal come together?

Safari Energy reviews the key components of a solar deal. Watch the video to learn more about solar finance.


How do solar panels impact a roof or parking lot?

Explore this interactive infographic to learn more about how a solar array impacts a rooftop or parking lot.


Key components of a solar system

In this video, Safari Energy reviews the key components of a solar array. Hear more about solar panels, inverters and racking systems make up a solar system.


Solar for ESG

This infographic shows how solar provides a simple, proven and impactful solution that helps companies satisfy ESG goals and stakeholder demands.


Why is solar a good ESG solution?

In this short video, Darius Razgaitis, Safari Energy’s Director, Marketing & Communications, covers how solar can be an effective ESG solution.