In this short video, Darius Razgaitis, Safari Energy’s Director, Marketing & Communications, covers how commercial solar can be an effective ESG solution.

Is your business looking to go solar?

Commercial & industrial solar solutions can be implemented relatively quickly and can pay for themselves. Here are some ways solar helps companies satisfy both their ESG goals and stakeholders:


The easiest ESG solutions tend to predictably offer little impact. However, solar can quickly and measurably decrease a company’s carbon footprint. This is particularly effective for demonstrating a company’s commitment to sustainability.


Business using solar can drive down costs, earn tax credits generate incremental income, and provide predictable returns.


We partner with our clients to implement solar projects. Acting as a “solar back office,” we handle all aspects of a solar project, including: strategic portfolio analysis, financial modeling, permit applications, EPC and O&M (that’s Engineering Procurement Construction and Operations & Maintenance).

Having quantifiable metrics is paramount for companies to develop ESG as a core competency and a source of differentiation. However, often ESG solutions are complicated, requiring extensive evaluation and dedicated resources. Solar can be a timely and profitable solution.