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Interdisciplinary expertise, superior results.
We are long-term partners for our clients, providing end-to-end services for commercial solar projects. 
This means we handle all aspects of solar projects, including development, finance, design, build, operation and more.
Our team’s diverse background means we can tackle challenges ranging across financial modeling and tax policy to construction management and panel maintenance.

Solar Development

We provide customized, turnkey project development services across multiple markets: commercial & industrial, public sector, utility off-take, REITs and land owners among others.

System types we develop include:
- Rooftop
- Ground mount
- Standing seam
- Parking deck
- Parking canopies (ground)
- Hybrid systems (solar + storage)

Solar energy can be a particularly straightforward and cost-effective solution for mid-scale companies seeking to impact their ESG goals.

Read our practical guide to solar for the middle market.


  • Client solar strategy development
  • Real estate portfolio analysis
  • Battery integration modeling
  • Tenant engagement
  • Sophisticated financial modeling
  • Tax, legal and risk mitigation
  • Bespoke capital structures
  • Interconnection management
  • Solar incentive tracking & capture
  • Utility management
  • System design
  • EPC
  • Permitting
  • QA/QC
  • O&M Services
  • Asset management

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Project Acquisition

We actively seek to buy projects from other solar developers. Safari has the ability to deploy capital into projects quickly and efficiently.

By virtue of being a long-term owner of solar systems, we are principal investors bringing another level of sophistication not typically seen by our competitors. We are low-risk and stable and make fantastic partners who stick with our clients throughout the project life-cycle.

Learn more about our solar project funding options here.


  • Stable partnership
  • Fast and efficient deployment
  • Credit and risk analysis
  • Sophisticated financial modeling
  • EPC services
  • Legal and accounting

Industrial Facility, West Nyack, NY

Asset Management and O&M

Performance optimization is in our DNA, and we are committed to delivering optimal returns through continual improvement.

Our rigorous process ensures maximized asset ROI through proactive maintenance and premium operations.

With a nimble team and a focus on technology and innovation, we aim to ultimately reduce costs and increase efficiencies of our systems and returns for clients.


  • Inspection
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Production Reports
  • Warranty Management
  • Billable Services
  • Panel Cleaning
  • Outage Responses
  • Performance Guarantees

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    Solar + Storage

    Battery storage coupled with solar power systems can be a powerful way to reduce demand charges. We work with clients to identify ways to integrate batteries to reduce a facility's peak demand and optimize demand throughout the day.


    • Demand charge reduction
    • Elimination of demand spikes
    • Load curtailment payments
    • Ensuring renewable generation reliability (firming)
    • Directly power specific equipment (backup power)

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